Talia Wight

Favorite Offerings: Totem Energy work (Initial &Follow-up sessions)

Nature has always been a portal to the Divine for Talia. It is both the exploration and inspiration for her truest expression of self. She has worked with the Plant and Animal Spirit allies as long as she can remember. Her first communication with an Animal Spirit guide was as a child; and she has practiced this connected way of life throughout her entire existence on this Earth Walk. After her Reiki Masters attunement, Talia entered Eagle medicine integration. This was the final awakening that led Talia to realize that it was time to share her gifts and serve as an ambassador of the Animal and Plant Spirit guides. It gives her the greatest joy to serve her human Brothers and Sisters in this way! For she believes one’s relationship to Nature is his or hers greatest gift and most accessible connection to all that is Sacred during this Earthly existence.

Certifications: Reiki Master

E-mail: talia@theblissblissbliss.com