Spring Cleanse: Can Ayurveda Offer a Simpler Solution

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By Lauren Stinespring & Elizabeth Halliday Reynolds

How do you feel when you are in a clean, clutter free environment?

Relaxed… in tune… happy …


In Ayurveda we understand that to spring clean the complex and magical human body we need to consider the WHOLE BODY. When we step back and take a second look at our bodies we find we actually have 5 bodies to consider.

  • The physical body
  • The Life Force Body
  • The Mental Body
  • The Wisdom Body
  • The Bliss Body

How To Cleanse the Physical body
The old adage, “Your are what you eat”, Yep! the physical body really is made up of what we eat. In spring consider adding fresh spring greens with a bit of a bite (like arugula or mustard). That spiciness counters the slow, muddy, moist, wet and coolness of the spring season (kapha). Other vegetables in the great for a spring diet are: celery, fiddleheads, parsley, chard, kale, dandelions and asparagus. Grains that are drying are in order here. Barley, rye and millet will counter the tendency to accumulate kapha in the body. If you have not already done this reduce the amount of oils and dairy you are eating right now. Too much of these can slow down the digestive fire (a littel ghee (clarified butter) is the best oil to use right now. In your spice cabinet pull our and use turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger and fennel.

Remember also that if your dosha does not have much earth and water elements in it’s make up (Pitta and Vata), you may not have to be overzealous in the elimination of foods that are drying.–Elizabeth

How To Support the Life Force Body
Add to your pranayama exercises techniques that increase the digestive fire. Kapalabhati and Bhastika are two. Ask one our our yoga teachers about these breathing techniques if you are unsure of how to perform them safely

How To Cleanse the Mental and Wisdom Body

Meditation. Meditation. Meditation.

Find time to practice clearing your mind and bringing your AWARENESS to your breath. That is it. Nothing fancy. Follow the breath. 10 Minutes a day will bring clarity and peace.

How to Clear the Bliss Body
We have all experienced the Bliss Body if only for a fleeting moment.

It is a space within that is constant. It is our innate pure love, peace, joy.– Lauren

The Bliss Body is our one true self. We can experience it by eating well, tuning in with our Self, working to clear out the clutter, and the emotions that hold us back from our own true and beautiful authentic expression.

Putting these practices into your daily life will result in a body that is ready for each season.
Happy Spring!
Lauren & Elizabeth

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