Why Spring and Summer Are Supportive Times for Spiritual Growth

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By: Ryan Kurczak

According to the book Cosmic Consciousness, by Dr. Maurice Bucke, most spiritual awakening, or cosmic consciousness, experiences happen in the Spring and early Summer. Yoga texts say that if a person dies in the Spring or early Summer it indicates an auspicious transition and a clearer state of consciousness after death. Spiritual growth potential, and the capacity to experience expanded states of consciousness are also heightened during the Spring and Summer as the Sun makes its ascension northward. More attention to prayer and meditation is good for the soul during the brightest half of the year.

The nervous system, and the innate life force, of our bodies are intimately connected to the earth and the solar system. During the Spring, we see the life force ascending through the plants and blooming in the flowers. This life force, similarly, rises up through our spinal column, (potentially) leading to the blossoming of expanded states of consciousness.

The yogis call the energetic channel at the center of our spine the Sushumna, or the Radiant Path. Practicing breath awareness meditation, gently resting attention in the crown of the head, encourages the flow of life force upward through the Sushumna. This simple practice is excellent all year round, but it is particularly beneficial during the Spring and Summer months, while our life force is naturally ascending up through the spine and circulating in the higher chakras. In this way, we are cooperating with the forces of nature within and around us, instead of waiting for time to ripen our consciousness to experience Self and Divine-Realization. Our intentional spiritual practice can quicken the process.

A useful practice to follow during the bright half of the year is as follows:

  1. Meditate using your chosen technique for 5-10 minutes to get calm and as internalized as possible.
  2. Practice alternate nostril breathing for 5 minutes. This helps to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and to balance the lunar and solar forces in the body.
  3. Bring your awareness to your spine. Holding your attention there, inhale, and as you inhale imagine you are pulling a cool electric soothing current up the spine, to the crown.
  4. Exhale and imagine you feel a warm soothing flow of energy descending down the spine.
  5. Repeat this process with long and gentle inhalation and exhalations, imagining the feeling of coolness ascending on the inhale, and the feeling of soothing warmth flowing down on the exhale. Do this for 5 minutes.
  6. One last time, pull that cool current up through the spin on the inhalation, and hold your attention at the crown. Let the breath flow out naturally, and let the body now breath naturally, disregarding the flow up and down the spine. Rest with your attention in the crown, breathing naturally.
  7. Remain in the after effects of tranquility, for as long as you are in inclined. Then conclude your practice and go about your day.

    Doing the above practice once or twice a day will improve your mood, state of mind, and allow you to appreciate what life has to offer. It will also quicken your spiritual growth.

    About the Author

    Ryan Kurczak has studied Vedic Astrology with Dr. David Frawely, director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, Richard Fish,founder of the Center for Vedic Astrological Studies, and Ernst Wilhelm. Ryan was ordained in 2005, by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. Ryan has been studying Vedic Astrology since 2002 and practicing professionally since 2005. He works with clients and students throughout North America and Europe. He serves as the Yoga Philosophy instructor of the Om Seva School of Yoga in Charleston, WV, and has served as an Ayurvedic Self Care instructor at The Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, in Asheville, NC. He often travels and speaks and Yoga Centers and Unity Churches.

    For more information about Ryan’s services, please visit: www.AshevilleVedicAstrology.com.