Shiva / Shakti Asana Class Starts Mondays at 9AM in May!

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Om symbolIf you have been in a class that Elizabeth has subbed you might have experienced her style of bringing awareness to yoga with gentle yet repetitive Asana. Gentle / Yet strong.

This is Shiva / Shakti Asana

This class brings about balance in the masculine / feminine, the yin / yang, the right / left, and the negative / positive? Join this class to celebrate the polarities with Hatha style Asana and kundalini infused repetition of postures linked with breath, movement and mantra. Enjoy Shiva / Shakti!

Close-up Of Shiva StatueShiva is the god of the yogis. He represents the destruction of the ego. His consort is Shakti

Goddess LakshmiShakti is the personification of the divine feminine creative power. She is the agent of change and liberation.

Shri Shakti-bisa YantraBalanced, united, together, these energies create the whole and bring us to the state of Bliss.

Join us Mondays at 9AM Starting May 5th.