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Scents & Sensuality

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Do you have the passion you desire in your life and relationships?  Would you like to increase your lovemaking?

Are your energy levels and/or stress reducing your ability to FEEL good about your body and your sexuality?  If there are cobwebs in your sensuality closet, then come to this class and let us help you WAKE UP.

What does it mean to be fully feminine and sexy at any no matter how many kids you or have or jobs or how much stress?  Stimulate your kundalini and get those juices flowing and watch your life transform to be one filled with creativity, energy and passion.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils can help.  Let’s start a dialogue and learn and grow together.  This class will be fun, flirty, and fabby.  Invite all your friends for a girl’s night out and bask in the oily, blissy, sexy love.Title: Scents & Sensuality

Event Details:

Time: 12-1:30pm

Date: February 14th
Teaching: Amy Widmer and Stephanie Hughes

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