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He’s Back! Richard Gardner & Yin Yoga Oct 7!

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Many Thanks to Richard for coming back to Morgantown to Teach the Yin Yoga Primer.
He will be here Sunday October, 7. Class starts at 4PM.

Yin Yoga is revolutionary in its quiet stillness. As opposed to most styles of yoga, which deal with muscle flexibility and activity, a Yin
style focuses on stimulating the “chi” in passive connective tissues, ligaments and cartilage.

A Yin yoga practice reverses the contractile effects of aging on the shoulders, spine and hips. Richard will present Yin Yoga theory as it
relates to Yoga philosophy, meditation practice and your own anatomy. He will then guide you through a quiet Yin practice. This particular
practice will focus on forward folds which include the hamstrings, calves and the backside of the spine. The workshop will conclude with
breathing practices to assist in harvesting your awareness.

Register to get $25 or $30 at the door.