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Tonya Madia Offers Reiki Services, Classes, Attunements & A free Lecture

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynlds

One of the biggest movements in the United States is the huge focus on “alternative” methods of stress reduction, self care and health care.
We are learning about these methods from many sources (media, our doctors, our acupuncturist, massage therapists, yoga teachers etc.) We feel really good about re-learning some of the “old ways” of healing (herbs, essential oils, bodywork, energy work). And we all feel relieved that science is supporting our goals with studies that prove what the ancients taught (or our grandmothers told us) really does work.

Reiki, is one such holistic energy treatment that Tonya Madia offers at BlissBlissBliss.

Here is what you can do to learn more about and experience Reiki.

  • September 13th at 7:15PM: FREE 1 hour “Intro to Reiki” workshop
  • September 22 from 11-2PM: Reiki Level I Attunement
  • Schedule a private Reiki session with Tonya (

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