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Reiki Share & Chakra Balancing With Essential Oils

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This class is designed to educate us about  Chakras, imbalances in the different Chakras, essential oils  & different methods associated in returning Chakras to their proper frequencies. We will also suggest a yoga pose or two for each Chakra.

Through regular life experiences (work, family dynamics, car accidents, love) our Chakras are always being influenced. By being able to identify how a Chakra is functioning will help you keep them balanced.

Keeping a balanced body can be as simple as applying an essential oil for physical or emotional support, practicing yoga, or learning how to do Reiki for Balancing. This will be an afternoon of balancing  our minds, bodies & spirits with oils & Reiki .

Teachers: Doug & Stephanie
When: March 1st,  12 pm-1:30 pm (Reiki/ Polarity share)
2- 3:30 pm (Essential Oils class)
Cost: Free
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Good to bring:

  • Notebook
  • Massage Table
  • Essential Oils