Rachel White

Specialties: Vision Quest, Soul Healing Session, Spirit Sketches

rachelwhiteAlways intuitive & filled with a happy, positive brightness, Rachel White decided to pursue the art of healing after completing college.  Certified in Soul Healing and Reiki, Rachel has successfully brought her smiling light to many clients through her business, White Enlightening. Rachel is now thrilled to offer a variety of her services through one of her favorite places in the world, BlissBlissBliss.
Rachel’s ability to see auras, hear and feel spirits, and awaken her chakras during meditation has lead her into energy work. Rachel enjoys working with people on a soul level and feels it is her mission to facilitate healing in this lifetime. She especially loves working with babies in the womb and mothers.
Rachel enjoys laying in the sun, reading about aliens, and the Harry Potter series, and cuddling with Smokey the cat.