Quantum Bio Feedback Sessions September 23rd

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Using the principles of quantum physics, the INDIGO Biofeedback System is designed to relieve and manage stress (the leading cause of all disease). Published articles in leading medical journals also report that biofeedback is an effective application for hypertension, pain, anxiety, incontinence, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, migraines, depression and more.

Clients will receive a profile of your individual stress factors, healing frequencies delivered to your body based upon your individual profile, teaching of healing techniques you can do for yourself, notebook with handouts of information, chart showing results from the Indigo, ideas for you to continue your healing at home, time for questions.

Clients report that they experience improved sleep, reduction of stress, tension and nervousness, improved general health and sense of well-being, reduction of anger, fear, gloominess and apprehension. Athletes report heightened muscle mobility, flexibility and sport performance. Also reported are enhanced mental clarity, memory with decreased pain, fatigue and headaches.

Sessions are two hours each and cost $150. Sessions are available at Bliss on Monday, September 23rd. Contact Tonya at: tonya@theblissblissbliss.com to secure your session.

About Emily:
Emily Van Doren Bush is a Certified Biofeedback and Stress Management Specialist. She has been a Holistic Health and Nutritional Consultant for 30 years. She owns Heal Your Life Center. Her center anddelete offers a variety of holistic solutions to health and wellness. She offers Holistic Health Consultations including Quantum Indigo Biofeedback, Nutritional Education, and Louise Hay Philosophy. She is versed in whole food nutrition and cleansing, Bach Flower Remedies, exercise and yoga, meditation and various relaxation methods, visualization and affirmations, & intention setting. Her mission is to help you integrate body, mind and soul so that you can heal your life and achieve your dreams.