Oneness Of Mind : Body : Spirit – Oracle Reading 101

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds
Life can feel so separated. We go to work, we try and manage our life. We take care of our people.
Sometimes and for many, it feels like all the time, the taking care of “the self” takes the back burner. Then when we finally do have some time to go within, we are not sure where to start. Or we feel as if the path toward our higher selves and our purpose is blocked by the stresses of the everyday.
Every new years day, I hole up in quiet corner of the house (my bed room), open the curtains to let the light filter in, light a candle, burn some incense and do an oracle card reading for myself centered on the year ahead. I write notes about each card drawn, factor in the reading placement and let the message unravel from unconscious to conscious. The cards help bring forward intuitive guidance in a tangible way. These oracle readings never fail at bringing hope and excitement for the year ahead. The reading is always a reminder of what to prepare for and how to be in grace for the transformation of the self ahead. There are many types of oracle spreads. In this class, Sarah and I teamed up to go over a few spreads that are great ways to get started with your personal oracle card reading journey. We are excited to hear about your empowered intuition development. We can’t wait to see you!

Oracle cards offer valuable intuitive insights and can really help create the oneness of Mind : Body : Spirit.

In this class Sarah and I will guide you through some common oracle card questions. How to get to know your deck, setting intentions for your reading, and understanding open ended vs. direct questions. We will have time to go through two spreads that give you the best results. Bring your favorite deck (we are going to gift you one as part of your class fee).
Price: $66
Date: 2/27/21
Time: 12:30-2:30
Note: Class limited to a socially distanced 6. If an -in person- class is not for you, contact [email protected] to request a  zoom class with you and a friend.

– Join Sarah & Elizabeth –