When You Open a Door to Bliss…

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When you open a door to a yoga or meditation class you will want to step inside. When you step inside a class you will want to practice. When you practice our offerings you will want to explore more!

Yoga practices such as intention setting, movement, focused breathing, and meditation can boost one’s confidence and experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting! This practice improves the ability to quiet the mind and stay present in the body, moment to moment. Yoga also encourages us to tune into our bodies and natural wisdom, which can give us powerful insight, calm focus, and buoyant energy – what a bonus as one welcomes a new baby into the world!

Open the door to a BlissMama Yoga class and witness first-hand the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and beyond!

BlissMama Pre & Postnatal Yoga Program

BlissMama Prenatal Yoga: Classes are intended to prepare mothers-to-be for the magical journey of labor, childbirth and motherhood. Heidi shares that there are many benefits to prenatal yoga, including: boosting energy, alleviating common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, helping the body stay fit and toned as baby grows, and creating a sense of focus and calm in the face of the unknown. BlissMamas learn breathing, meditation, movement, and deep relaxation practices that can be used during labor for comfort and inner-power. The class offers a friendly and sacred space for celebrating pregnancy milestones and connecting with babies before they are born.

BlissMama and Baby Yoga: These classes offer a creative and gentle return to the yoga mat, as well as peer and emotional support to new Postnatal_Cobra_smallmamas. Heidi recommends resuming active yoga around 6-8 weeks postpartum, but encourages those with younger newborns to attend class if a mood-boost is needed. The class gives new mothers motivation after pregnancy and birth to re-strengthen the body and mind, improve energy levels and feel more refreshed and emotionally balanced. Many postures are practiced with the baby to support mother/child bonding. Heidi also shares baby yoga and massage techniques that can be used at home to assist in baby’s development and well-being. You cannot help but smile when surrounded by the pure sweetness of babyhood!

BlissMama Yoga & Birthing Workshop for Couples: This is an informative 3-hour session that is offered every 6 – 8 weeks. The workshop is ideal for all couples, whether the mother is planning a natural, medicated, or cesarean birth. Heidi offers information based on a yogic approach to labor and birth. The practices can encourage the couple to feel safe, secure, empowered and confident through the entire birthing journey.

Topics explored in the workshop include: yoga-centered breathing and mindfulness techniques, comfort measures during labor, alleviating common fears, partner-assisted postures, creating a birth vision, winning the waiting game, and more! Time is also provided for questions and sharing among the group. A birthing partner includes spouse, boyfriend, family member, or friend. The workshop is recommended for mothers in their 3rd trimester.



Heidi Sherwin, E-RYT, has been teaching yoga since 2008 and has always had an interest in women’s wellness. In 2011, she created the BlissMama Pre/Postnatal Yoga program, which offers group and private classes and workshops for mothers-to-be, new mothers and babies, and birthing partners. The program is enhanced by Heidi’s specialized training in pre/postnatal yoga, yoga for labor, and doula care, as well as her personal experience as a mother to three amazing daughters. Her sincere, creative and joyful commitment to serving women through the childbearing and mothering years is evident in all of her program offerings.

For more information please contact:
Heidi Sherwin: heidi@theblissblissbliss.com

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