New Moon Intentions: Rituals For The Shift In You

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By Sarah & Elizabeth

As you move through your life, you start to notice that things just don’t “fit” or feel right and need to be adjusted, re-calibrated and released. If you follow your emotions and chart to how your body resoonds to the moon cycle, you will have noticed that New Moons will feel different than Full Moons.

The Full Moon phase will be a good time to release what no longer fits or serves us. This “clearing” what no longer serves allows an on the spot celebration of sort, because duuring the Full Moon we celebrate what has come to fruition. We often ceremoniously burn what we wish to clear out. From those ashes rise new beginners or at least thoughts toward new intentions.

The New Moon provides us with a clean slate. During this phase we really get serious with the details embedded in each new intention. We chart the dreams that we want to manifest. This is the time to launch new ideas, dreams and goals, pay bills, and yes even sign contracts. We want to allow space to be organized both physically and energetically.

So are you PLANING your New Moons? Are you planting your creation seeds? Are you creating space for energy to flow and transform?


Come to our New Moon intention setting workshop. Each month will have a focus to help you create and celebrate the sacred space you crave.

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