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Natural Body Yoga ~ Celebrating Self-love!

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Natural Body Yoga is an out of the box way to get back in-touch with your inner and outer goddess.

We ladies have adapted a skewed vision of what we are ‘supposed’ to be, and I say we are all beautiful AS IS! We needn’t be anything but ourselves.

At Natural Body Yoga you can practice yoga, while practicing with your body in a new way. Without the limitations of clothes, you reach a deeper yoga practice and learn to love your body. This class is designed for you to be comfortable. If you are comfortable practicing in a parka… then do it! If you are comfortable practicing with out any coverings then do it here!

At BlissBlissBliss we offer a safe environment where you can not only learn to appreciate the feel of your own skin, but also re-learn that everyone has a body and we should’t be embarrassed to see a little skin. The point is to love yourself.

These classes are generally gentle and easy for yogis of all levels.

**This is a Ladies-Only class**

This class is held every Thursday in February 7-8pm

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