Welcome Bliss Teachers: Andrea, Emily, Lila, Maureen & Rebecca

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

When I founded BlissBlissBliss 5 plus years ago, having yoga on our services lists was a goal. Yoga and bodywork were the things that kept me grounded during my career at IBM. By grounded I mean sane :). Those of you who experience stress and use yoga or massage or both to keep balance know exactly what I mean.

  • 4 years ago we were able to add yoga to our list of services

We know we were in that small carpeted room but you came, you supported us and once or twice we even squeezed at least 12 souls in that little room on Stewartstown road!

  • Part of this goal of offering yoga has always been to offer every style of yoga we could.

    And we are doing that. Look at our calendar every month. The notion behind this is that there really CAN be a yoga class for EveryBODY. Young, old, fast, slow, instruction with depth, little instruction, low energy, high energy. It is all good to us. And you are supporting this too! Thank you!!!

  • Offering classes with passionate instructors, dedicated to the practice and sharing their love of this amazing mind/body/spirit exercise is part of the plan too.

    So we get to welcome Andrea, Emily, Lila, Maureen & Rebecca to our roster of yoga teachers at BlissBlissBliss. This month you may meet them (if you have not already) as they sub for teachers (who are most likely somewhere getting more training!). Stay posted for individual posts on each teacher introducing the classes that they will be adding to the schedule next month.

    So with gratitude, I get to welcome Andrea, Welcome Emily, Welcome Lila, Welcome Maureen, Welcome Rebecca. Thank you for sharing your love of yoga and for being part of our “Blissies” family. Read their Bios on our Specialists Page.

    PS and welcome to Lindsey, Tonya and Me too….We are already part of bliss but have accomplished our personal goals of getting certified to teach yoga. Yea US!!!

    We are so grateful for your support