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Monthly Messages from Spirit with Tonya Madia

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During a Messages from Spirit session Tonya will receive and relay messages from Spirit. She will share the information that comes through as it relates to guidance for the participants of each session. Messages might apply individually or to the whole group. Messages may provide confirmation from Spirit or possibly serve as validation.
This is an interactive event and guests are lead through a guided meditation for the purpose of setting a clear intention at the beginning of the session. During a session Tonya receives information in the form of intuitive thoughts, feelings, images, and sounds.
As a Medium she often sees spirits and the images that they show her. Every spirit communicates differently, and Tonya likes to think of them as simply people without bodies. Although she cannot control who “comes through” during each session, she is a firm believer that messages received are always the right message at the right time. It is important that those in attendance come with an open mind to receive messages.
Tonya Madia is an author, Reiki Master, medium, yoga teacher, and massage therapist who believes in the importance of cultivating and trusting your intuition. She has seen how practices such as yoga, meditation and Reiki lead to a deeper awareness and understanding of the natural intuitive abilities that we all possess and she now teaches others how to develop these life-enhancing skills.
She began connecting with and channeling messages from spirit in 2009 when she was directed by guides to try automatic writing. After her level III Reiki Attunement the following year, Tonya began “seeing” spirit and she has been channeling messages for clients ever since.
Tonya teaches workshops on how to develop and cultivate your natural intuitive abilities and also offers private readings and is available for parties and events.

2020 Group Classes are held at 7:30PM:

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