Thanks Mom

Thanks Mom! This Series Is NOT Just For Moms

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You will not want to miss the “Thanks Mom!” Series

As moms, we aim to help our children so they may feel and do their best. We ache if they ache, feel sad when they’re sad, and delight when they radiate happiness and good health.
In the flow of caring, nurturing and supporting your children, two little words can bring joy to your ears… “Thanks Mom!”.

“Elementary Essentials”. The focus on this class is on “Back-to-school/On-the-Go” essential oils for elementary-aged children. See you Tuesday, 8/29, 12pm $10

“Baby O’Mine”. The class covers essential oils for babies and new moms! We pride ourselves in the safe use of essential oils. Come to this class and get tried and true recipes. See you Wednesday, 9/27, 12pm $10

“Freshman 15”. Remember when you went away to college? So much going on! The germy dorm, the meal plan, the long hours (studying we hope) and gaining 15pounds. This class will focus on 15 natural solutions for college students, so they can shine and thrive … happy, healthy, naturally. See you Friday, 9/29, 4:30pm

“Pregnancy & Birth”. There are a hand full of times in life that are so precious. This is also a time of lots of dos and don’ts. Using essential oils during this time can be such a natural relief. We’ll steer you away from the DO NOT USE lists and provide you with trusted experience and success stories. See you Friday, 10/20, 4:30pm $10.

“Tweens and Teens”. Hormones, Emotions, problem skin… Just a few things on the list. You’ll have more questions and we will have solutions! See you Sunday, 11/12, 1:30pm $10.

Heidi Sherwin, of Moonbow Yoga & Wellness, has developed a series of wellness classes that will ensure you get plenty of hugs and hear “Thanks Mom” for your mom magic. Each class will be based on a stage of motherhood, from pregnancy to parenting teenagers. Heidi will share from her experience as a mom of three daughters, a doula, yoga instructor, essential oils educator, and well-being cheerleader. You will gain valuable information and get access to Heidi’s essential oils go-to list for all class topics. Be empowered with wellness practices that will make natural solutions a natural addition to your Mom Tool-belt. *

At bliss we pride our selves in being an essential oil education center. Our trained, knowledgeable oils advocates have a collective 20 years of experience behind them. Get tapped into essential oil support.