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One week left to take advantage of Mary Jo’s Basic Rates for Kula Thai Massage

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On August 3rd, I left for my advanced Thai Yoga Massage training completing my full certification through the Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream a reality; especially Elizabeth Halliday Reynolds of BlissBlissBliss and Lindsey Jaquay of The Violet Iris.  Their love and unconditional support guides me every day.

Upon my return we’ll break down Kula Thai Yoga into 5 different sessions.  Do you like a relaxing massage?  Then Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 60 [minutes] is for you.  We focus on neck, shoulders, hands, feet, the main Sen (energy) lines, and gentle assisted yoga.  Generally this session is all reclining, both face up and face down.
Is energy work your thing?  Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 90 is just right, focusing on the 10 main Sen lines of the body.  We can also continue and expand the assisted Yoga of Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 60 by adding more postures, a seated session and even a belly massage.photo4
Do you like deep work and have specific issues that need attention?  [Regular] Thai Yoga Massage 60 combines deep massage (using knees and elbows) with lots of strong assisted yoga poses, focusing on just what needs attention.
Want to leave with the feeling of a full yoga workout and a deep tissue massage?  Thai Yoga Massage 90 lets us work almost everything.  We use deep tissue work on specific issues; but also work the entire body with strong assisted yoga, lots of knees and elbows, and we can crack the back if you like.
photo2Or are you like me and want it ALL!  Thai Yoga Massage 120 gives us the time to do EVERYTHING – unlimited joy!

Beginning on August 21, 2014:
-Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 60 will be part of the Bliss Basic Membership package; rates vary between $49 -$70/hour depending on membership.
-Regular Thai Yoga Massage 60 will become an upgraded service at Bliss – $75/hour members, $90/hour non members.
At The Violet Iris Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 60 will be $55/hour, Thai Yoga Massage 60 will be $70/hour.
*All half hour upgrades are still $25 at all locations.*

There’s  only one more month to receive Kula Thai Yoga Massage at Bliss Basic Membership Rates, or at the current  Violet Iris rate of $60/ hour.
Don’t forget Bliss’ Feel Like a Member Special over the summer!

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, contact me directly:
Mary Jo Schick     Kula Thai Yoga:  [email protected]   304-276-2616

You can also book online for BlissBlissBliss through SpaBooker, or call directly 304-413-0270.

Book online at The Violet Iris through Schedulicity.

Feel free to contact me through Facebook, but appointment confirmations are sent from SpaBooker, Bliss, Schedulicity or direct contact with me.

Once again, thank you to all those on this beautiful journey with me, may many people benefit from what we all learn together.  Please share with anyone you think will enjoy Thai Yoga Massage.