Updates on Bodywork Memberships

Updates on Bodywork Memberships

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We so love that you are taking advantage of member priced bodywork sessions!

These packaged are designed for the individual who wants frequent body work.

When you are playing with us in this Sacred Commerce way, the therapists who see you are getting more business, keeping their calendars full and in return, helping you create and keep an environment of healing.

Some tips you should know about your online account. Booking is more successful when you:

  • Use the same e-mail as we have on-file – this will help link your existing account to your online booking account.
  • Save your credit card on our secure server  – this will save time when booking online (Just click the little box to save!).
  • Read our blog pieces on our website or FB. We use quick booking links for easy appointment bookings.
  • Remember to create a separate account name and e-mail if you are booking for a loved one.

Attention members who started their memberships in 2014 but have not yet used all of their sessions:

Please call us (304) 413-0270) and leave a message or e-mail us at [email protected] to book your appointment. Since your membership has officially expired, the booking system will not list 2014 priced services.

New Members since 2015:

  • When your Membership payments have been fully pre-paid, you’re 6-month membership will expire after 6 months from the start up. You have 9 months to use your accrued benefits.
  • After 9 months you will be charged a $10 surcharge. So come in and get that session!
  • When booking online with these “expired” membership, simply choose the corresponding GUEST priced service and your therapist will adjusted it at checkout.

We thank you for participating in Sacred Commerce and for being a Member at BlissBlissBliss!

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