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Find Out How Aroma Therapy Really Works

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Want to learn more about the daily use of essential oils?

Here is the calendar of Essential oils classes that we have lined up for this fall.
I hope you can make some of them. Seeing these presentations really help bring you the practical knowledge of how to use essential oils.

Using the oils in daily life bring a new level of health and wellness. I hate to overuse the phrase but YES these so do affect mind/body/spirit!

Some of you sent some great feedback after the last Medicine Cabinet Makeover class and Amy and I really are grateful for this.
We really do want to make sure these presentations focus on the daily use of oils. The goal is to have lots of classes to share very specific uses and keep the classes at 45 minutes to an hour long. If people want to stay longer to hear about the oil discounts that are available – that is cool too.

If you have attended oils classes before, you will know that each time you come, you learn more. People share their successes in using oils and the knowledge grows and is passed along. So FUN! And it continues the verbal tradition of natural remedies we all want to be a part of.

Come to these classes and smell, taste and experience oils. (hint: cream, flavored waters, teas, special giveaways etc. ) Mark your calendars and Bring a friend).


  • Saturday Sept. 8 2PM: Aromatherapy for everyday health and Wellness (this is based on the medicine cabinet makeover class – but revised based on your feedback!)
  • Tuesday Oct. 2, 7:15PM Easing Labor & Delivery with Essential oils
  • Tuesday Oct. 16 7:15PM Essential Oils for Breast Feeding Success
  • Saturday Nov. 17 2PM Staying Positive, Joyful & Uplifted During The Grey Months with Essential oils. This class will include meditation & teachingsThis class will show you at a minimum, how 4 popular essential and 2 oil blends can lead you away from costly over the counter preparations and into using safe, effective and natural alternatives!

    You must register via schedulicity or by sending me a note [email protected]