May Partner Yoga: Mary Jo Partners with Michael Garber

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By Mary Jo Schick

Join us at BlissBlissBliss on select Friday afternoons for the fun and the fascination of Partner Yoga (4:30-5:30pm).

Partner yoga is a modern twist on an ancient practice. By working with a partner you can stretch deeper and more effectively into poses – sometimes with less physical effort on your part, giving you insight into the full potential of a pose before you can achieve it on your own. It also fosters a deep sense of trust and connection – your experience is literally in each other’s hands (or feet, or back, or….)!

I love Partner Yoga. My Husband and I run allot. Learning how to assist each other with these stretches has really helped our performance. Ben & Liz

Partner Yoga is most compatible with someone of similar size and ability; but sometimes the fun (and learning) is in adapting poses to fit a variety of sizes and abilities.

… took a partner yoga class with my 9 Year old! We had so much fun! Bliss Client 2010 Class

The human body is able to sense proper force and support, to mold and adjust – making it the ideal “prop”. It is a fun, lighthearted, exploratory practice; and complements any style of individual Hatha yoga practice. Remembering and visualizing assists from Partner Yoga takes you deeper into poses when practicing alone. Appropriate for all levels of yoga experience; bring your own partner, or pre register if you need one.

Remember: If you do not have a friend, family member or partner, wanting to take this class with you, contact Mary Jo Schick ([email protected]) about your participation in this class. If you would enjoy a different time for this class let her know this too.

Price: Use your yoga pass

Partner yoga Schedule for April, May and June

  • Friday, April 13 4:30-5:30PM with Instructors Mary Jo Schick and Laura Blanciforte
  • Friday, May 11 4:30 – 5:30PM with instructors Mary Jo Schick and Michael Garber
  • Friday, June 15 4:30-5:30PM with instructors Mary Jo Schick and another to be announced
  • Friday, June 29 4:30-5:30PM with instructors Mary Jo Schick and Laura

See our schedule for all current classes. — See our workshop schedule for all current events.