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March Intuitive Reiki Special

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Young ethnic woman receiving reiki healing

by  Tonya Madia

The word Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) has two parts. ‘Rei’ meaning universal or spiritual, and ‘Ki’ meaning energy or power (also called ‘chi’ in Chinese culture); it is this universal energy that animates all living things. This universal life force, like all energy, has a specific frequency. The Human Body, when healthy, resonates at a frequency between 62–72 Hz. When this frequency drops, our immune system is compromised and a disease process is more apt to begin to develop.

The purpose of a Reiki is to restore balance to the energetic bodies, and to return the body to its natural frequency. Reiki promotes a deep sense of relaxation and well being, cultivating an environment for inner peace and balance.

In the same way that cell phones, radios and televisions carry information through wave frequencies, the human body also transmits information into the environment around us. We sense these waves of information daily, and are often struck by how a total stranger can promote a sense of wellbeing that we might refer to as a good “vibe.”

When working in the energy field of a client, I naturally tune into energy vibrations or frequencies that are specific to them. During an Intuitive Reiki session I frequently receive messages for my clients that present themselves to me in many ways, including intuitive thoughts and feelings, images and sounds. At the end of each session, I share these messages and answer any questions my client may have.

An Intuitive Reiki session can provide insight into any physical and emotional issues that may be present for the client. In addition, energetic adjustments are provided to assist in meeting and working through issues. Sessions offer basic techniques or ideas to further assist in clearing emotional, spiritual and physical issues identified during the session.

For the month of March I will be offering a special rate for Intuitive Reiki Sessions of $65.00. This rate is discount of $10 for members and a $25 discount for guests.

You can schedule your session by clicking here.