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Profile: Local Jeweler Elyssa Brings Wear-able Art To Bliss

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Have you seen the beautiful pieces of jewelry by Elyssa Z. Marsland at Bliss?

Elyssa is a jeweler currently residing in Fairmont, WV.  She has been producing wear-able forms of art for the past 11 years using stones and metal.  This is what she has to say about her techniques:

I have a passion for making jewelry, enjoy the ringing of my hammer on the anvil, and experiencing the malleable nature of metal. This blends with my strong desire to adorn the human form, especially with objects from Nature. Without separating the human from Nature, I also see beauty in our junked articles that serve no “real” purpose and may not be able to be reclaimed by nature.

A piece usually begins with a fascination of a particular item. Gemstones, being flawless works of art from Nature, polished and refined by human hands, are gently, and often precisely, held in delicately flowing yet strong wire frames. The more vigorous forms of metalwork provide more expansive avenues for using stones, and scrap metals and parts. Ultimately I want my jewelry to make a difference, whether it be through the subtle vibrations of stone and metal, as a beautiful piece of art that creates a smile, or by symbolizing our changing worldviews with adornments of found objects.

I’ve been fortunate to have had friends share their knowledge over the years, beginning with wire work and gradually expanding into fabrication and forging techniques to create my current body of work. My jewelry has been juried into two WV Artisan centers and can be found in various galleries and boutiques across the state.

PS: Some of the beautiful pieces that we carry from Elyssa contain copper. This is an excellent metal to wear from an ayurvedic perspective as it is said to help support he liver and spleen (especially if you have a kapha imballance). To learn more about your ayurvedic constitution and how it can support your lifestyle, contact [email protected].