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Help Lauren Win Precious Jasmine & Rose

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Love Lauren + Love essential oils?

We are offering incentives when you sign up for a essential oil wholesale account under Lauren.

jasmine flowers
To Help Lauren win Jasmine and Rose sign up with a 100 Point value order (typically $100). You get therapeutic grade essential oils for your home use PLUS:

  • Free 1 time upgrade aromatherapy to your session
  • Free 5ML Wild Orange
  • Free Modern Essentials Book (a complete guide to using oils therapeutically)

Sign up with any size order and get:

  • Free 5ML Wild Orange
  • Free mini guide to using oils

Pastel Wedding FlowersAsk Lauren for a catalog when you see her next. Enrollment takes a few minutes and can be done while you are at home over the phone!

Want to host a home event for us and get more free oils? Let us know that too! (contact