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Last month for Sacred Stone Special!

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Indulge in some YOU time this Fall!

Prepare to be pampered! In this Ayurvedic infused special, Lauren combines dry-skin brushing, warm oils, and hand-picked stones from the coast of Rhode Island, and a lux steam tent to bring your body into bliss this fall season. Session can be tailored for individual needs.

These stones have been hand picked from the coast of Rhode Island. This session is very balancing for the body as we move out of the Summer season and into fall. We stimulate blood flow to the skin, the lymphatic system, and the detoxification process with dry skin brushing. We allow the muscles to melt from the heat of the stones, as well as opening the body up to receive nourishment from the warm oils. We complete this session with the steam tent, which is the cherry on top, allowing all those lovely oils to be absorbed and leaving you in a state of bliss!

Offer Details:
Special Runs until December 21!
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $108 for Members & Non-Members
To Book: Lauren’s Fall Special