Guest Teacher Kendell brings: Chakra Flow Yoga “Aligning the Wheels of Energy”

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

This workshop is designed to bring balance to the seven energy wheels known as the Chakras. The Chakras are part of our subtle energy body and relate to our physical, mental and emotional bodies. When they are out of alignment we can feel fatigued, stressed, frustrated and depressed. By using a sequence of yogic exercises combined with a flow of hatha yoga postures and sun salutes we can help bring our energy into alignment and feel healthier and happier. This class will not only work through the physical body but will also balance the energetic body through breath, affirmations and meditation. You will feel energized and peaceful at the same time. This is an all levels workshop, however some yoga experience is helpful.

As an added bonus, this workshop will be accompanied by live guitar with Rick Romanelli.

When: 3:00 – 5:00PM on Sunday, July 15th. $25 advance registration ($30 at the door)

About 6 years ago a friend who lived in Pittsburgh called me up and said, “You have to come to Yoga Class with me, I’ve met Kendell”. And so I did. I loved Kendell’s class and now we get to share her beauty and passion for yoga at BlissBlissBliss. I love it!!! — Elizabeth

About Kendell Romanelli

Kendell began her practice of yoga in 1993 during her graduate studies in Cincinnati. She found that the practice gave her peace of mind and focus during the stress of her MFA program. Kendell discovered Kundalini yoga while living in Los Angeles and fell in love with the invigorating and meditative healing aspects of the practice. Over the years she has practiced several different styles of yoga but her love of combining Kundalini yoga with flowing hatha yoga is what fuels her practice. Kendell created the Chakra Flow class based on her home practice which combines the energy medicine of Kundalini yoga with the flow of hatha yoga. Her classes are filled with joy and are both energizing and healing. In 2008 she received her 200 hour certification through 3rd Street Yoga with Joanne VandenHengel. Kendell also teaches Mantra meditation classes. Her experience as a professional singer combined with her knowledge of the chakra system allows her to create a space in which all voices can be heard. Kendell is also available for private sessions in which she helps an individual heal through yoga,meditation and reiki. Kendell is happy she can share her to passions, yoga and music, with all her students. Now if she could just bring her cats!!!!

I believe everyone can feel beautiful in their yoga practice. It is my goal to create an experience with each class that heals the student physically and emotionally. — Kendell

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