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article written by stacy hester

For anyone who is interested in trying a juice detox, there’s power in numbers. I’m referring to both solidarity and cost. I recently did a three-day cleanse from Organic Avenue in New York (www.organicavenue.com). It was the Love Deep, and it was delivered right to my house, seven bottles of juice for each of the three days, all numbered so it was a no-brainer. At the time, there was a coupon, so it was way less expensive than the price on the website, which is $250 plus shipping. However, they do offer group discounts as follows: 10% for 1-4 people; 15 % for 5-20 people; 20% for 20 or more people. Maybe there would be a deal on shipping too, I don’t know. There is another place, Blueprint Cleanse, that does a similar detox with a similar discount for groups. I have not tried Blueprint, but the website is www.blueprintcleanse.com. It’s a little less expensive than Organic Avenue.

A couple of points about the cleanse, from my experience…I wasn’t really hungry at all and actually found it kind of challenging to keep up with the juices! I felt great, and am game to do it again. It might be nice if there is enough interest to do a group order regularly such as once a month or every other month.

I thought it seemed expensive, but I found one of the recipes online, and there is actually about 1.5 lbs of fruit/vegetables per serving of juice. So more than 30 lbs of fruits and veggies within a three day period. Considering the price of organic vegetables, the work involved in prepping them, and also the cost of a juicer if you don’t have one, I think it’s not bad.

Stacy will be happy to coordinate an order for the our clients and yogis. You can reach her at 304.685.4709 or cnmngrrrl@gmail.com

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