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It Starts With A Seed …

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It starts with a seed, a star seed … This Is Part Of Our “Develop Your Intuition – Live Your Intention” Series

You have these pretty oracle decks, and you love to pull a card or three, but have you learned how to “read” the “Year Ahead” spread. In this class we amplify our intuitive focus and apply it to a reading for the year.

In “Icons Of Intuition – Activation Through Tarot”, we get to start the new year off with reflection and focus and a then tap into the skill of tarot to map where you are going.

This tarot spread brings in karmic patterns you could encounter, a focus on your soul purpose, and highlights the support you have from sixth dimensional sources. In this class we break away from the traditional symbols of tarot. We will learn to use a deck that has re envisioned pentacles, cups, swords and wands and learn a spread based on the energy of the constellations. The reading is potent and thought provoking. Best of all it harnesses a positive approach to tarot.

As with each class in this series, your class fee ($33.00) covers the class fee, the deck and I will offer some approaches to using this deck not covered deeply in the deck manual. Of course we will have meditative space and time in class to delve into the deck and capture the year ahead.

You are the light on your path and you have friends along the way! -Elizabeth

– Icons Of Intuition – Activation Through Tarot –

When: Saturday January 5, 2019
Time: 12:30 – 2:00 PM
price: $33 includes Tarot deck

Class is charged at Registration. Can’t come, we carry the deck we will be using in the bliss shop. Ask about a private class.