Intuitive Guidance: Reiki Upgrade with Amy Snyder

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Do you wish to receive more from your Reiki Session than the relaxation and balancing a basic session provides? If so, you may upgrade to an Intuitive Guidance session which includes wisdom from Guides/Angels and Intergalactic Beings, insight into the physical and emotional issues the energy may be working on in the past/present/future, and energetic adjustments to assist your ascension process. The sessions will help you embrace the Higher Soul work you are here to do in this lifetime, as well as suggest basic techniques or ideas to further assist in clearing emotional/spiritual/physical issues raised during the session. The Intuitive Guidance upgrade is an hour minimum with reporting at the end and session notes emailed following the visit. The fee is $70.
Contact Amy Snyder for more information or to schedule an appointment at BlissBlissBliss,

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