Join Gus & Harmony For A Day Long Healing Workshop

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AWAKENING ISIS: An Introduction to Taoist Healing Arts Join us 6/21 10:30-4:30 for this day of healing!
Opening the ever blooming and blossoming bud of the triple diamond petaled light of awareness through mindfulness, meditation, sacred chant and movement.

This program and presentation is intended to increase our innate healing potential. Pathways and nodes of energy will be contacted, connected, activated, integrated and energized through mindfulness, meditation and movement. A deep cleansing and healing meditation with the use of acupuncture in a group setting will close the program.

The Transformational Traditions and Practices of Optimizing human potential have a long and ancient history in Taoist China. These Taoist
traditions are aimed at the highest development of our human potential. The goal is identical to Yoga: Union with The Divine Mystery, thus total
freedom. The Tao or WAY has some variations due to differences in history and culture.

Many Paths…One Way

The steps on this Sacred Path that leads to Self Knowledge and Realization resounds through the corridors of human experience from time in memorium as a spiritual call that sets the tone for that deep yearning in our souls to return to our individual and collective wholeness/holiness … and so begins the hollowing, and emptying, purifying of our human vessels that there maybe space for Silence to settle so we may feel, hear, and experience the Pure Sound of Creation… within us pulse, vibrate, and ring out like the Vajra Bell that clears all illusions and obstructions to our our Way back OM.

Sacred Chant will be part of these day long event. In sacred chant we Call, … the Chant,… the Psalm, …The Word made Flesh, the Sacred Songs and Sounds of Creation have welled up and expressed our most intimate yearnings on this Path of Return to Divine Union and Oneness … The Tao of Yoga … and also that we we may raise our core vibrations to infuse, inform and transform our most subtle and influential vibratory life patterns .. the internal Breaths and Winds…As the first vibrations, sounds or Words declared “Let there Be Light.. and there was Light…” and so the Great Gayatri Mantra issues forth with power and might reminding us of This Great Power within us … This Sword of Light… and so we sing and praise… The Oneness.

Book here for this beautiful event Awakening Isis on 6/21 $108

GusAbout Gus

Augustus “Gus” Saldana L Ac, M Ac has dedicated his life to the service of healing since childhood. Originally from the Philippines, he experienced a spiritual awakening precipitated by his father’s prayers that opened his entrance into the Sacred Silence at age 5. This realization led him to devote himself to spiritual development and solidified his declaration to be of service as a healing presence. His childhood was also blessed with very loving and caring great grandmothers, grandmothers, and lots of aunts which he credits with allowing him to experience a strong and steady flow of Unconditional Love that is the Source and power that nourishes his own ability to serve as a healing presence.
Augustus holds undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Spanish Literature , Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from New York University in New York City and the Traditional Acupucture Institue in Laurel Maryland. He lives in Greenbrier County and practices acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in several location in West Virginia; Lewisburg, Beckley, Monroe County, and the greater Bridgeport and Clarksburg areas.

About Harmony

Harmony Kopelov is a wild & wonderful West Virginian—native of Buckhannon—and International Yoga Educator…leading classes, retreats and seminars from the U.S. to Costa Rica and afar. Building upon her undergraduate studies in Philosophy & World Religions, Harmony is a graduate of Nosara Yoga Institute’s 500-hr Interdisciplinary Professional Yoga Educator program, SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine Thai Yoga Therapeutics and Usui Reiki Master. Harmony is committed to the building of healthy communities through the living practice of the ancient healing arts and inspiring the expression of loving kindness from the abundant depths within us all. In the “business” of life, Harmony calls herself the Director of enJoyment—she is also a Latin Dance Instructor, performing artist and Certified Wine Sommelier—and aims to help others reclaim their power to heal, will to love and surrender to joy.