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Get Your Sunshine in a Sauna!

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Winter is coming….. and that means less hours of daylight, and in West Virginia that also means saying goodbye to the sun until Spring time.

When I first moved to Morgantown I learned that seasonal depression is a real thing in this mountain town. I still am surprised how gray everything can be. Add bitter cold and blah!

I craved a little Vitamin D, but I can’t exactly fly to Florida weekly.

This is where living in Morgantown, and working at Bliss has it’s perks!

When we got our Saunas installed I assumed they were just like any other hot box that helped with sweating and pain relief. Yes, we have color therapy too… and here I thought they were just pretty colors.

Turns out the colors are sunshine!

When you choose color therapy and use each color in the sauna, your body gets the full spectrum of light. A.k.a – SUN!

This winter I know I will be happy and toasty inside our Saunas!