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Gentle or Deep, There’s a Thai Yoga Massage for You!

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Starting today, Mary Jo Shick will be offering new Kula Thai Yoga Massage services tailored to your specific needs and wishes!

  • Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 60: We focus on neck, shoulders, hands, feet, the main Sen (energy) lines, and gentle assisted yoga.  Generally this session is all reclining, both face up and face down.
  • Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 90: Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 90 is just right, focusing on the 10 main Sen lines of the body.  We can also continue and expand the assisted Yoga of Gentle Thai Yoga Massage 60 by adding more postures, a seated session and even a belly massage.
  • Regular Thai Yoga Massage 60: This session combines deep massage (using knees and elbows) with lots of strong assisted yoga poses, focusing on just what needs attention.
  • Regular Thai Yoga Massage 90: Want to leave with the feeling of a full yoga workout and a deep tissue massage?  Thai Yoga Massage 90 lets us work almost everything.
  • Thai Yoga Massage 120: Thai Yoga Massage 120 gives us the time to do EVERYTHING – unlimited joy! This session can be adjusted to be gentle, deep or anything in between.


Thai Yoga Bodywork is performed fully clothed on a mat without oils or creams. It combines pressure point type pressure in a rhythmic manner with assisted yoga-pose-stretching. This type of bodywork is perfect for relieving muscular tension. Clients love the assisted stretches, and find the pressure points work very therapeutic. This modality can be modified for a deep or gentle approach.
If you have any questions or would like to book a session, contact her directly:
Mary Jo Schick: [email protected] or 304-276-2616

You can also book online for BlissBlissBliss through SpaBooker, or call Bliss directly at 304-413-0270.

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