Full Moon Mantra Class

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Elizabeth will be hosting her monthly Full Moon Mantra Meditation class! 

Mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are used to create transformation in the mind, and the body. Meditation is a technique in which an individual trains the mind. Meditation is used to clear the mind and studies have shown that it will ease many health issues such as; high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. The full moon is a time when a tremendous amount of energy is experienced. It is said that whatever is going on in your body and mind at the time of a full moon will be amplified. Starting a mantra meditation practice during the full moon is an opportunity to add the energy of the moon to your personal intention. In the Vedic tradition certain mantras are used to bring the individual a focus in their lives (abundance, health, compassion).

Moon mantras hold strength in lunar energy, and is a powerful time to practice.


Future dates:

November 25th- 6:30pm: Mantra to Hanuman 

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Cost: $8 or a Yoga pass.