Full Moon Offerings in December

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Each month we have special Full Moon classes to help you balance the shift from one moon cycle to the next!

The full moon is a time when a tremendous amount of energy is experienced. It is said that whatever is going on in your body and mind at the time of a full moon will be amplified. This is a time to practice observance and patience. Since our moods and feelings are amplified it is good practice just being so that we don’t turn into a werwolf!

 Moon Salutations Yoga Class

Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) is the sister sequence to Sun Salutations commonly practiced in yoga classes. Sun Salutations are geared to creating heat and are often more intense, Moon Salutations are meant to be more cooling and rejuvenating and embody feminine energy. Enjoy this once a month practice on each full moon evening to balance your energy and cultivate the moons lunar energy.
This class is good for all levels.

  • 12/7 ¬† 6-7pm