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Free Yoga Sequence ~Attention Digestion!

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 Hey Yogis! Enjoy Bliss’s Free Yoga Sequences!

We will be posting free sequences monthly! These sequences are meant for all audiences* to practice safely at home. These sequences are meant to aid or inspire your home practice. Feel free to add on to this sequence to make it yours! A solid warm up and at least 5-10minute Savasana is encouraged.

This week: Focusing inward toward our belly! The Belly hold the digestive fire of will power and self; keeping this area clean and healthy is vital to our wellbeing. By stimulating the oblique and abdominal region oxygen and blood are brought to the organs. Squeezing and releasing life back, replenishing our guts with new cells! Keep in mind that this sequence is meant to stimulate. Some of these poses can be very powerful and invigoration, keeping Ahimsa (kindness) in mind when playing with our bodies. Our bellies can be invigorated either by twisting,  or folding (forward and backbends). Twisting to the right wakens the digestive fire, and twisting to the left slows down our system. Forward folds and poses that put pressure on the belly help eliminate waste and increase your appetite. Backbends open the belly and decrease the appetite.


Childs w/ twistunnamed-7 (Balasana)

Warm up the body with some even breaths. Lay your belly on your legs and walk the hands in front of you to gently stretch out the spine, arms, and shoulders. Your legs get woken up slightly and the weight of your belly on your thighs is stimulating the internal organs. Inhale and stretch your arms forward, exhale and walk them over to the right. Stay here for as long as you like, breathing easy and focusing on stretching out the obliques. Repeat on the other side.

Add On: Try just breathing into the belly as big as you can for 5-10breaths. To release hard-working shoulders take the fingers back towards the toes. To remove pressure from the belly simply bring your big toes together and spread the knees apart.


Fish Poseunnamed-3 (Matsyasana)

Start laying on your back with your knees bent and sole’s of feet on the floor, arms by your side. Inhale and press your elbow and forearm into the mat. Lift your shoulder, spine and neck off the mat, relax the head and bring it down gently to meet the mat. You may use your arms on the mat, or hands tucked under hips to support you. Let the legs go long, keeping them active. Relax the shoulders down the spine and breath.

Add On: You could lift your arms like I have them in the picture. You could lift your legs for a modified fish-boat pose. Remember: our necks are strong but we only have one! Be kind to your vertebrae and release from the pose if there is any strain or pain.


unnamed-1 Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Start standing in Tadasana, inhale and reach both arms and heart towards the sky. Exhale and hinge at the hips letting the heart lead your torso down into forward fold. Let the head hang heavy like a piece of fruit. To come deeper into this pose inhale and press the feet down into the at to let the hips rise and hinge deeper.

Add On: So much room to play here! You can have your arms dangle heavy, relaxing the shoulders. Grabbing opposite hands to elbows you can sway back and forth. Nod your head or move it side to side. You can stuff your hands under your feet, palms up, by bending at the knees a little or a lot! A simple flow can be created there by inhaling half way up to stretch and lengthen the spine and exhale back to forward fold. For extra shoulder release bring your hands to your hips. Interlace your fingers and press your knuckles back and up to let the arms fall over-head.


Crescent Luunnamed-4nge w/ Twist (Anjaneyasana)

This pose gets a deep twist to the belly. Remember that your belly button is what leads a twist, not the shoulders or head. From Down-Dog, inhale The left foot up to the sky. Exhale and bring that foot the the inside of your hands. Inhale both arms along side your ears and reach up to the ceiling. Exhale, open the arms into “T” position and twits towards your left thigh. Keep reaching back through the right heel. Check that hips are level and shoulders are relaxed. Stay here for as long or as little as you like! Repeat on the other side.

Add On: From this twist you can easily open up to Warrior 2. This will help unwind the spine from this intense twist. From Warrior 2 find reverse warrior to really open up the body! For some extra balance in your practice move back to Crescent Lunge and then to Warrior 3!


Revolved Triangunnamed-5le (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

You could transition to this pose from Crescent Lunge, by stepping the right foot forward to create a smaller triangle with your legs and the floor. Inhale and reach up to the sky with your right hand, exhale bring that hand to the inside of your left foot. Inhale the left arm up to the sky and your heart forward. Take your gaze up to your extended hand, or wherever the breath flows most freely. Repeat on the other side.

Add On: Your can switch hands and twist open in the other direction to neutralize the spine. For a spine extension Bring both hands to the ground or your shins. You can also interlace your hands behind your back and let the arms fall over-head.


Camel Pose (Ustrasana)unnamed-8

Come into Table-Top pose. Inhale to standing on your knees, exhale and place your hands “in your back pocket”. With each exhale slowly slide your hands down your thigh and eventually out to your heels. You can tuck your toes to make the feet a little higher. If you have a block handy you can place it in between your feet. The object of the game here is to press the hips forward and the heart up! The back bend comes naturally.

Add On: You can always place  blanket under the knees to extra cushion in this pose. A variation would be Bow Pose, which add extra tummy stimulation! Take this camel up against a wall and you can really feel your hips press forward.


unnamed-9Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Upavistha Konasana)

Start in an easy wide-legged seated position. Inhale and extend the spine upwards as your shoulders relax down the spine. Exhale and hinge at the hips to fold forward. Place your hands in front of you to help walk your body down to the floor. Feel free to take the arms down the legs , or wherever they are most comfortable. As you fold deeper keep the heart as your guide, keep the feet active and flexed.

Add On: You can twist to one side for extra spinal movement, or bring one heel into the groin and twist to the side. When you twist in this pose keep the heart lifted towards the sky. Maintain the shoulders relaxed down the spine. The gaze can float up to your extended arm, or wherever the breath flows most freely.


unnamed-6Childs w/ Arms Under Belly (Balasana)

Come seated on your heels. Come into Child’s Pose with your knees together and arms stretched out in front of you. Inhale and reach forward, exhale and make gentle fists with your hands as your draw your arms under the belly. Make sure your forearms are between your thighs and belly. Take 5-7 big breaths into the belly and arms. Be gentle on the tummy as you breath; this can be a very intense stomach massage. After 7 breaths remove the arms from under your belly. Inhale and reach those arms forward and exhale spread the knees away fro each other to let the belly release between the thighs.

Add On: If the pressure on the bell is too much after this digestion sequence you could lay on your back for a Happy Baby or just hug the knees into your chest.




*We hope everyone will try these sequences, but keep in mind your body. Prevent injury by listening to how your body feels today, and by the sound of your breath. Do what feels right for you! Be safe and have a blast!