What is Five Element Acupuncture? Part 2

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Last week we learned about how the Five Elements manifest in nature. But how do they relate to us and our health? Just as the Five Elements are evident in the world, they are also evident within us.

Each of our energetics resonates with an element.


We remember that Wood Element is associated with spring and birth. A person with a Wood constitution will have a childlike appreciation for the world and its beauty. They will desire peace in this world and the freedom to follow their hearts where they take them.


Fire is associated with summer, light, love and laughter. People with a Fire constitution will desire to be seen and loved for who they are, in all their ugliness and loveliness, and they will want to create a world where this is safe.


Earth is associated with late summer and seasonal transitions, harvest and bounty. People with an Earth constitution will crave stability in their lives. They’ll try to achieve this stability through understanding things and building relationships with others. This will include spending time helping others increase their stability.


Metal is associated with fall, the crisp smell in the air and the beautiful leaves on the trees. Someone with a Metal constitution will often have a desire for connection with something greater than themselves, as well as a need for an aesthetic approach to their immediate environment.


Water is associated with winter, with quiet and stillness. Someone with a Water constitution will want to know the truth of the Universe and will strive to have the resources to master that knowledge.


Each of these constitutions has specific ways that they tend to go out of balance. Each constitution also has meridians and points that are directly tied to it. This means that in whatever way you have gone out of balance is specific to you, which means that treatment can be tailored to you. It also means that whatever is important to you in life has energetic correspondences that can help you get there.