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Finding Sleep – a Workshop

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Saturday, Jan. 14th
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

As 2017 begins, many of us have set intentions to better our quality of life by hitting the gym, eating healthier, de-cluttering our homes and many other resolutions. But how many of us actually say, “this year, I want to improve my quality of sleep?”  We all know that sleep is good for us, but why is it so hard to get good sleep? How does sleep effect the health of our brains, our memories, cognitive function and our immune system? How have our societal beliefs of “work hard, play hard” effected our sleep patterns? Teenagers…..enough said! And what in the world is a circadian rhythm?
Please us for an afternoon of VERY interesting information about the effects of sleep on our health. Lead by Sarah Caskey, LMT at Bliss and doTerra Wellness Advocate, you will leave with some great ways to establish your “bedtime hygiene” or routine; will learn some of Mother Nature’s best medicine to help you get some zzzzz’s; and will find out how you can be empowered to change your sleeping patters for better health and well being in 2017!