This Wednesday “Introduction to Exploring Past Lives” At 7:15PM

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By Tonya Madia

BlissBlissBliss in Partnership with New Mystics Enterprises Presents: “Introduction to Exploring Past Lives” on September 19th 7:15-9:00 PM

Join internationally acclaimed author Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Tonya Madia, RMT, YT for a informative and lively discussion and workshop.
We hope you will join us as we will explore:

  • Past life recall
  • The concept of Soul Mates
  • Healing Karma through Past Life work

We will also explain the many benefits of past life recall, including a greater understanding of who you are, your life’s journey, your purpose in life and your relationships. In some cases, past-life recall can also aid self-healing of emotional and relationship issues, and phobias. It can enhance therapy but is not a substitute for it.
This workshop is an excellent introduction to exploring past lives.

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Workshop Price: $25

Rosemary and Tonya also will offer an in-depth experiential workshop in which you can explore past lives and a possible future life on the weekend of November 9–11, 2012 at the beautiful and elegant Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, West Virginia! For questions about the Bliss workshop and the immersion weekend contact Tonya at [email protected]