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Evolutionary Group Attunement & Activation

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The energy shifts taking place in our current phases of evolution are INTENSE!  No, it’s not just you…many are feeling discombobulated, out of sync with time, and the mind is overloaded!  It’s time to upgrade our human frequencies and come into a smoother rhythm with our personal evolutionary blueprint.

We are receiving galactic and cosmic assistance, along with the inner awakening of our personal blueprint; but this doesn’t make the shifting easier on the biological, mental and emotional levels.  Sometimes these more expanded energies from our Galactic and Spiritual Helpers can be overwhelming, therefore the need for the Grace of Light Language to help us tone ourselves into resonance with the Galactic help and the intelligence of Source inherent in our personal blueprint.

In this group activation we will be:

  • Centering, grounding and preparing, by intention, for the upgrades, and intentionally opening our personal blueprints of evolution.
  • Releasing collective 3D constructs of global fear, which has subtle affects on our nervous system, and creating space for expansion of Source Life and expansion of higher dimensional perspectives.
  • Toning the nervous system and upgrading discordant brain frequencies, in order to expand in our God-given ability to, once again, take the Director’s seat in our own lives by becoming more intimate with your own blueprint.
  •      Activating the “transducer” between 6th and 7th chakras.  This transducer is a MAJOR evolutionary function of the human energy system that needs upgraded, so that we can more easily and gracefully assimilate and actualize the upgrades and personal “downloads” we are receiving frequently!  More explanation about this at the beginning of the Attunement process.

As always, the Evolutionary Group Attunements are totally intuitive, and there is possibility that the agenda could change at the drop of a hat!  But whatever is in store for us, from other dimensions and from Source within, the Light Language tailors the changes specific to each individual present in the group.  Although the words/tones/sounds are the same, how they communicate to each person is very personal, and in accordance to your personal blueprint of evolution.

Bring with you any talismans, crystals,tarot/oracle cards etc, which you consider to be important tools for your personal evolution.


Join us for this Grace of help and assistance through Light Language on January 30th!
7pm- 8:30pm