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Keep Those Diffusers Going!

4/20/20 UPDATE:
This week Monday Thru Friday, DoTERRA is hosting a BoGo Week. The way their BoGo works is they will announce a new Buy One – Get One combination each morning.

This year they have packaged all the BoGo’s in a single shipping box offering. We do not know what ALL of the gift oils are in the box. But in our experience they are always good. In this single shipment, you will get 12 oils for the Price of 5. This offering is only during BoGo Week and only while Supplies last! 

  • Our Customer Link ($266.67): https://doterra.me/oO3NhSjF 
  • Members Pay Less Link ($235): https://doterra.me/y5Mqur0e
  • Already A Member ($200): Log In To Your Doterra Account

You know we “love Our Oils” we have them in every treatment room, every diffuser and we use them ALOT. You love them too as you see when the stocked shelves get low.

But now with COVID 19, we can’t have the shop open, you are missing your smell of bliss fix and we can’t sell you your favorites.

DoTERRA always offers a monthly promotion for online purchases. We want to make sure you have our shop link so that you can order direct from them but giving us shop credit for your purchases.

Get Your Products Online With Direct Ship From Doterra

Note:Membership will be offered when you add an item to your cart. If you decide to become a DoTERRA club member, you get 25% off all products when you order online and we still get shop credit.

PS: Shown in the image is a limited time offer of the “Precious Florals Collection”. Members get this collection for $68. Guest carts for $98. The doTERRA Precious Floral Collection includes five 4mL roll-on bottles of the most alluring essential oils available. Each is blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil and has a beautiful aroma to wear singularly or layered with other floral oils. Included in the Precious Floral Collection are Rose Touch, Neroli Touch, Jasmine Touch, Magnolia Touch, and Blue Lotus Touch.