3 Reasons To Start Using Essential Oils For Balance

3 Reasons To Start Using Essential Oils For Balance

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By Amy Widmer

Phytoestrogens and the pineal and pituitary glands play a huge role in the chemical reactions in our body and are one key to a balance life. Essential oils applied topically, ingested and diffused are proven methods for creating balance in the body. When we speak of “hormones”, we are often talking in culturally laden language about something that is a female problem. But hormones effect just about every system in the body. Assisting the body to find balance with hormones is not just for women. It is for children and men too!

How you respond to life reveals your internal chemical balance. Are you Calm, cool, and collected or reactive, crying, and explosive? A balanced life has far more to do with your insides than your outside world. – Amy Widmer

As in all or our FREE oils classes, we share stories of how essential oils are helping individuals take control over personal health and wellness especially for everyday concerns. Clients are reporting a host of benefits from less stress, better sleep, increase in positive moods, happier and healthier children. Let us know you are coming so that we have enough FREE samples on hand to give away

We’ll explore body systems and their subtle response to essential oils and the profound changes clients are reporting. Come Join Us

When: Saturday Dec. 8
Time: 2-3:30PM
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