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By Emiliy Vasile

How I Found Dharma Yoga

A few years ago, while working in a DC policy job, I spent time volunteering in a yoga outreach class for young women through a non-profit called Yoga Activist. I knew that yoga transformed my life and empowered me to be the best version of myself and I was called to share that empowerment with other young women. After assisting in classes, the next step on my journey was to train to become a yoga teacher.

So last January after moving back to Austin, Texas, I enrolled in Dharma Yoga’s 200-hour training to deepen my own practice and prepare to share the joy of yoga with others in my community. Many yoga teacher trainings were offered in Austin but I chose Dharma for a few reasons- trans-formative mindfulness and Asana techniques, and the community created through the practice.

Why Should You Try Dharma Yoga?

Grounded in mindfulness, Dharma Yoga unites breath with movement to bring stillness to the mind. This is where the magic happens! “Yoga” literally means union, to yoke awareness to wake to itself. Many of the most profound epiphanies I have had in my life have come about during the stillness experienced while practicing yoga.

The physical Asana practice evokes sweat and develops a strong, healthy, and empowered body. Dharma Yoga unites traditional hatha postures and vinyasa sequences together while weaving in core strengthening and strength-building movements to challenge the physical body. Students are encouraged to listen to their own bodies, noting that each pose is part of the journey- not the destination!

Finally, the practice is fun and uplifting. You’ll flow through practice accompanied by sweet sounds of breath and music. Expect to get to know your neighbors and occasionally practice partner yoga in class. Strive to leave class feeling a deeper connection to Self and the supportive community around you. I am very excited to get to know you as part of the warm, welcoming community at BlissBlissBliss!

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