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Doug’s Neuromuscular & Intuitive Bodywork Special

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A 90 minute massage catered to the clients specific needs!  

This rejuvenating special will include all of the tools Doug has learned through hands on continued education as well as individual study. The session will include aromatherapy utilizing Essential oils specific to individual needs. After a brief consultation we will formulate a plan with the goal of eliminating any pain and or emotional stress you may be dealing with. Please feel free to email me with any specific questions.  

A typical Neuromuscular session involves using the hands, elbows, or fingers to put pressure on specific points of the body. This technique is excellent for releasing muscle strains and pains. Combining a Neuromuscular with aromatherapy will allow you to release and clear anything that is not serving your body for the good of your body. Doug’s instinctual touch from his background of knowledge will enhance this session to a new level of relaxation.

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To contact Doug for more information e-mail at [email protected]

This session is 90 minutes for $105 for members and non-members.