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Essential Oil Diffuser – Classy with Quality

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If you are looking for a beautiful way to diffuse essential oils in your home/living/office space the a diffuser is a premium choice.

BlissBlissBliss is offering select Essential Oil products because of their quality and the fact that their oils are organic and processed in such a way that oils can be safely ingested. This is very essential to the ayurvedic philosophy that we do not want to put anything in or on our bodies that we cannot digest. Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

This elegant aroma diffuser is distinct from the traditional aromatherapy items. Below you will find its advantages and benefits. What Happens with a diffuser: By enabling a complete combination of natural water and botanic essential oil through the effect of supersonic wave, this product breaks up essential oil into extremely fine micro-particles and releases the active ingredients within, bringing about the natural pharmaceutical effect of aromatherapy by way of human respiratory tract and realizing excellent functionality of enhancing health calming and soothing anxiety and beautifying and moisturizing skin.

You do want a diffuser that does not heat the oils, as heating can damage their healing properties. — Elizabeth

The Engineering: Driven by ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 1,600,000 times, dissolves the 100% pure essential oils into micro particles of 5 um diameter and releases aroma mist. Disperses therapeutic properties of essential oils without use of heat or candle resources, very safe, no fire or carbon dioxide suffocation caused and fully retain the original element of essential oil, pure natural and healthy, complied with international environmental standard.

  • Ingenious and exquisite design by German designers, a combination or orient and western cultures and modern science and technology.
  • Built-in water level sensor, automatic shut off when water reaches minimum level.
  • Soft LED light in blue creates a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.
  • Economical: only 3-5 drops of essential oil with 70ml water, works for 30-60 minutes
  • Applicable water: Tap water or mineral water at room temperature
  • Completely combines natural water and pure essential oils through ultrasonic waves without the use of heat (Essence of the oils is not destroyed with heat & No fire danger
  • No carbon dioxide generation
  • Easily covers a 300 square foot room
  • Beautiful design includes a soft light
  • Easy to use (Front panel rotates down to add water and oils)
  • Easy control allows either continuous or intermittent operation & Automatically shuts off if water level becomes too low

This diffuser is durable! I knocked it off my bed table 3 times and it is still fine! -Bliss Client and Essential Oil Fan

PS you can purchase the a Diffuser at Bliss.