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DIY: Get out of the FUNK

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Summer is halfway done and somehow there’s barely been the space to breath, let alone enjoy this summer to any extent.

Well get out of that funk!

We can’t always explain why we feel the way we do; yet we want to feel stronger in our minds, clear in our decision making, and confident about our actions.

We have tools all around us, but we tend to forget our little friends.

This blog came about since I, yes a yogi, have been “in the funk” for quite some time now.


clown nose sad

The first step to being funk-free is to identify the funk, or “issues”….

What was getting me down was:

  1. lack of outdoor play
  2. lack of community
  3. lack of passion & inspiration

In order to heal, I had to understand why I am “lacking”.

  1. I feel tired and would rather rest, so I do.
  2. College town = a constant change in friends and circles, making a solid community hard to acquire.
  3. If i’m not doing anything then no wonder I am uninspired!

Understanding and identifying these issues was the first steps to get back to ME!

nadia in flowers

My first “Friend” was a Bach Flower Remedy.

You’ve seen me posting on our Instagram and Facebook page about these funny little flower tinctures and how powerful and healing they are…. because they are!

I took a questionnaire, made by Bach to help identify which flower, or flowers, I needed.

Take the Questionnaire!

I reviewed my marks and whatever flower had all 3-marks on it were my top necessity flowers.

This was easy for me, as only one flower had all three marks and only two others has 2-marks.

The result: Clematis*!


According to Bach, and my test results, this pretty little flower was to be my hero!

Reading more about Clematis, it dawned on me that really what I was lacking, was focus!

I am a daydreamer.

My alternate ego is a fairy, and this holds great responsibility for imagining a whole other world. Beyond the faerie realm is my bakery, my modeling career, and professional athlete career, and my plant/ animal connections.

Bach was on point… I needed to ground my thoughts into this reality. Ironically, yogic exercises were recommended, which is great since I have been missing my passion for yoga.

In the book, Bach Flower Therapy: Theory & Practice*, I was able to get a deeper understanding of the secrets of Clematis. Although some circumstances were extreme, these are the points that resonated with my case:

  • lost in thought, poor memory
  • floating sensation, as if anesthetized
  • needs lots of sleep
  • imaginative, artistic, romantic, but awkward in everyday life

All of these points describe me.

Clearly my body was off the norm, so I bought some Clematis and tested it out for 3 days straight while I worked.


Day 1:

I immediately noticed nothing. Perhaps it was just drinking more water that added focus. But I was able to get a lot of work done that day….

Day 2:

I was feeling really great on the second day. I had gone for a long hike and a mini yoga practice the day before (inspiration oncoming!) and I was ready to work.
I drank my first of 4 glasses of water and immediately felt refreshed, strong and motivated. My brain was organized and I was able to be even more efficient at work.

Day 3:

I am about to finish this blog and I’ve only been at it for a little while. I have been successful in keeping my yoga/exercise routine alive. I have even managed to get a bike ride in with the girls! Yay community!

I notice that I am definitely more focused at work, and have been able to be so clear in my thoughts that I have been leaving to-do lists for the next day.


On a hike with all of my loves I was explaining to my boyfriend how I am writing this blog and how Bach Flowers, Clematis specifically, has been helping me.

He was a bit confused as to how my “issues” were being resolved when Clematis is for focus.

It does seem odd that these unrelated things are somehow connected. But they are.

Instead of living in my faerie world and dreaming about the friends, adventures, and passion that I wish I had, I had become grounded.

I am FOCUSED to get real goals achieved, I was PRESENT in connecting with community, and I was MOTIVATED to get out and have my adventures.

My Final Thoughts:


I have fallen in love with Bach Flowers; it’s magical how no matter what the funk is, it can be helped. Each powerful little flower has a purpose, and it’s waiting to help.

My approach to “living well” is to be independent. To be able to help myself in the long run, but turn to helpful little friends like Essential Oils* or Bach Flower Rememdies.

–> I did purchase the Rescue Remedy* for my dogs who have anxiety when I leave and who are sometimes easily stressed. IT HELPS!!! My house has never been so calm and quiet.


*These items are available at Bliss!

Please leave your comments & positive stories below!

As always, thank you for reading!

Nadia Caterina <3

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