At A Distance, But Oh So Connected With Lauren Jane

At A Distance, But Oh So Connected With Lauren Jane

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We are social distancing.
We are not alone.
Stretch into the spaciousness.
Reach out to people.
Reach in to yourself.
Take up meditation.
Check out online classes.
Check-in with your friends.
Take care of each other.
It’s time to show your heart.
… Lauren Jane




If you have ever had a session with me, you might have experienced this blanket sense of unconditional acceptance and presence with yourself during the session, and a feeling of deep rooted relief and peace of mind that follows. I attribute these aspects to the energy work that underlies every session I do. As a Reiki Master of 10+ years, and healing arts practitioner for even longer, I have spent my whole career honing these skills, and it has prepared me to confidently offer these sessions to you at a distance. As the client, you are asked to set aside 30 minutes of quiet time to fully receive the effects of our session. During this time unplug from devices, close the door and spend some quality time with yourself. You can do a low-energy activity like knitting, reading, journaling, doodling. Try some meditation, restorative yoga or gentle stretching. Listen to quiet instrumental music, or open your window and listen to the sounds of the world while your mind wanders. You might even feel like it’s a good time to allow yourself to take a nap. Have a cup of tea, or water nearby and ask others in your household to give you this 30 minutes of space to yourself. As the practitioner, I will be creating and holding a healing space for you during this time. I may use sage or other herbs to clear the space, and crystal grids to enhance the energy. After the session I will send a follow up email to conclude the session, with any additional session related notes. -Lauren

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