Distance Soul Sessions with Elasa Tiernan

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By Elasa Tiernan
Are you interested in reconnecting with your soul’s voice, and learning how to access it for direction in your daily life?
Do you feel something out of balance, have unanswered questions, or even feel lost in your life?
Do you want to know about the connection between your life patterns and early traumas in your life, and want assistance with changing these patterns to assist with your overall wellbeing?

Each session is focused on the individual’s intentions, relative to balancing body, mind, and spirit. While the client is at home, in a relaxed position (meditative pose or laying down), Elasa uses her intuitive abilities to connect with the individual’s soul, to access details of the individual’s life, and answers to client’s questions. Typically the soul will guide Elasa to moments in time where the client may have constricted his or her energies, or misunderstood what was occurring in his or her life. Once Elasa gets instructions from the Soul on how to assist with changing not for the highest programming, Elasa sends distant healing energies to reopen energy channels within the physical and energetic/subtle bodies. Sessions are followed up with emailed notes from Elasa, for the client to continue working with to assist with manifesting new patterns and potentials through creative visualization techniques while in the alpha state/meditation.

Remember you are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience – – Elasa Tiernan

Enjoy an hour of deep relaxation and assistance from a Soul Guide to look and listen within.

— 6x Member: $87 (60 min), $115 (90 min)
— Guest: $100 (60 min), $130 (90 min)
to read more about Elasa . To schedule contact [email protected]