Local Artist Dina Colada Has Offerings At BlissBlissBliss

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Dina Z Colada is an artist, Reiki Master, author and dating coach. She incorporates her spirituality and Reiki practices into every work she creates. When she was in the process of making her Buddha and Lotus prints, the colors and energy of Bliss Bliss Bliss were her inspiration! Every piece is cleared and infused with healing Reiki energy. These prints were created with the intention of bringing more Bliss into your home or office that will be infused into your daily life.

Dina learned this specific printmaking technique at workshop from local artist Eddie Spaghetti. It’s a process of using gelatin that you can actually eat, before the paint is added. In the first step she makes gelatin, and chills it until firm. The gelatin slab is then dropped onto a table. Paint is applied to the gelatin. Then shapes and found objects from nature, such as leaves and feathers, are set on top of the gelatin. Paper is then pressed on top of the decorated gelatin leaving the paint that is showing through.

The objects are then removed, paper is pressed on the gelatin again, leaving an almost negative print from the first. This process is done several times to get a layered effect with just the right amount of depth. She uses metallic paint for a shimmery effect that will help your room sparkle. You can focus on these pieces while meditating to open the thousand petal lotus in you.

Dina also connects with her Native American roots in the feather jewelry she creates. She is so grateful to our feathered friends who have shared their beauty and energy with us. Wearing these pieces will enhance your style and create a bridge from you to the animal and spirit world. Wearing feathers will help you spread your wings so you can fly!

You can reach her at Dina