Dharma Flow Sundays at 2-3pm

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Have you tried Dharma Flow on Sundays?

Each Sunday we have a rotating teacher for our Dharma Flow Yoga class. This class is an opportunity to reflect and connect your mind, body, and spirit through gentle movement, breath-work, and meditation. Hit your reset button and set the tone for your week by joining Elizabeth, Niina, Heather or Emily for Dharma Flow each Sunday at 2-3PM.

Schedule for teachers are as follows:

  • October 19th: Heather
  • October 26th: Niina
  • November 9th: Emily
  • November 16th: Niina
  • November 23rd: Elizabeth
  • November 30th: Emily

To register for this class view our online schedule and booking tool!

To buy passes for this and other yoga classes visit click here!