Developing Your Spiritual Psychic Senses with Tonya Madia

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Saturday, July 30

Much like you have five physical senses, you also have the potential to experience “clair” or psychic senses. Although many people think of psychic ability as a special power reserved for only a few special individuals, the truth is that intuition is a natural ability that all human beings possess.

In this three-hour workshop we will explore how, what we label “psychic ability”, is actually just a natural part of the human condition. We’ll also explore the eight clair senses and how subtle bits of information are processed differently for each of us, through these senses, according to our own innate abilities.

We’ll also be using interactive exercises to help you determine your dominant style of sensing and incorporate fun tools to show how to use these natural abilities to enhance your life.

The workshop costs $75, private readings to registrants only for $25 each.
For non-registrants, private sessions can be scheduled for $60 –> Click here to book!

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TonyaMadiaAbout Tonya Madia, RMT, RYT, LMBT
I have been studying the human energy system and energy healing for 14 years. I was originally schooled in Pranic Energy Healing in 2000 and received my Level 3 Reiki Certification in 2009.

As an empath, I recognized at an early age my sensitivity to the emotions and physical experiences of those around me; it wasn’t until I began to study energy healing that I understood that I was simply “tuning in” to the vibrational frequencies of my surrounding environment.

After each of my three Reiki attunements, I began to experience the energetic world around me to a much greater degree, and began giving intuitive readings in 2012.

I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist, and am passionate about helping others on their journey.